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Stained Glass Studio



Windows - Doors - Railings - Room Dividers - Lighting
Mosaics - Table Inlays - Counters - Kitchen and bathroom Splashbacks
Family Crests - Commercial Signs

Stained glass is a timeless art which was once a privileged addition to places of worship and other majestic interiors.  

These days it’s an element that adds that little extra touch to even the most contemporary elements of interior design.

Whether for a special window, main entrance, kitchen cabinets, or a skylight, nothing showcases and enhances the overall look of your interior like a beautifully crafted stained glass by incorporating light, color and texture.  


Sometimes all it needs is a little splash of colour to enhance even the most bland interiors.


Marsolais Vitro Design creates personalized stained glass according to your specifications and budget

for residences, commercial and public buildings.


Each project is approached individually and requires a unique response creating integrated artwork

for new or renovated buildings.


A close rapport is formed with the client in order to establish a design and style that reflects the building

and the nature of it's location.



Moderne - Urbain
studio transom

Things and styles that inspire me: 

MDV prides itself on it's craftmanship and know-how. The process of stained glass hasn't evolved much over the centuries, however new techniques of producing glass allow us to create a large variety of effects which can be integrated to architectural applications:



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Marsolais Vitro Design

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