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Stained Glass Studio

Cleaning, repairs, restoration

Stained glass panels (windows, doors, etc...) - Tiffany style lamp shades - Slumped panels. 



We can bring new life to your old stained glass by adapting them to a new location or decor.  


Eco-energetic windows

It's not necessary to eliminate your exterior stained glass fenestration because they have become too drafty.

It's possible to insert them into a "thermo" unit which protects them as well as insulating your home against the cold. 



MVD respects the history and value of old stained glass.  We follow the strictest guidelines of stained glass restoration, and can assist you in determining the adequate restoration requirements for each situation and budget whether it be an antique window, or a valued Tiffany lamp.

An old or damaged stained glass panel will receive an evaluation of the work required to restore it.  It may be that a simple cleaning will do the job, or it may require the removal and replacement of any broken panes, or the complete dismantling and re-construction of the panel.  


The scope of the work always takes into consideration the historical or heritage value of the panel as well as the budget allocated.

Contact us for a free consultation and estimation.

Marsolais Vitro Design

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