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Stained Glass Studio

Classes and workshops

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Seasonal introductory


3-4 hours

$75 + $10 materials + tx


A fun seasonal activity available during select times of the year.  

Learn how to make a cute little stained glass ornament that you will be able to take home with you.


Level 1 Beginner 

stained glass 

Copper-foil method

10-12 hours over 2 days

$180 + $20 materials + tx


You will learn to choose and cut the glass, foil, solder, and apply the finishing patinas for a small panel.  (about 8"x 10").


Level 2 Beginner 

stained glass

Copper-foil method

10-12 hours over 2 days

$180 + $20 materials + tx


If you've already learned to cut glass, it's time to try a slightly more challenging project, and also learn about framing and finishing patinas on a approximately 1 foot square panel.

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Stained glass in Lead came

Traditional method

12 hours spread over 2 days

$180 + $20 materials + tx


For students who have already learned to cut glass, you will learn the traditional method of assembling and finishing a stained glass panel with lead came and the soldering and finishing techniques used for centuries.

Stained glass mentoring for intermediates / advanced


For those wanting to try a more ambitious project, improve specific techniques, or design your own stained glass project, whether it be in copper-foil or lead came, this class is very versatile and can be adapted to all kinds of projects even a lamp. 

It may be possible to organize a small group to meet up every couple of weeks or so for guidance during the process of their individual projects. 

Price will be adjusted depending on each case.

Private classes $40 / hour

All tools and materials are provided in the studio for the classes. 

We are flexible with scheduling with a minimum of 3 students. 

Classes are given on a continuing basis as per demand.


All classes and services will incur taxes.

Payments can be made in person in cash, or online through e-transfer or Paypal (small surcharge).

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