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Antique door transformation

So this is a personal project for a century old house in Nova Scotia that I’m restoring and renovating. I bought an old door to use between the new kitchen and what will be my workshop for the immediate future.

I re-did the stained glass in the lobby of a house in Westmount a few years back, and the client gave me the old ones. I am going to use them to replace the wood panels in the door.

They need to be stripped and cleaned, repaired, and then be adapted to fit into the openings of the door.

Because the opening for the door panels are longer than the stained glass panels, I have to design an adaptation to the existing pieces. This is the table layout where I’ve drawn the opening onto paper and marked where the existing panel will go. I've collected different glass samples around it to see what works, as well as some leads that will hold it together. I'll keep posting as I move along with the project. Feel free to contact me about the process, or if you'd like some hep with a similar project of your own.

OK so this is the continuation of the project. I finished extending the stained glass panel above to fit the door panels, but once I did, I found it to be too much for an already busy room. Plus, I was worried about potential damage to the stained glass in a constantly opening door.

I decided to step back from the project a few days to re-think it and came up with the idea of cutting out some pocket windows in the door instead.

Finally I took the other stained glass panels, took it apart again, to bring it back to it's original size, and inserted them into the sister door to the living room. That brought light into an otherwise dark room and I think it looks great there.

It ended up being more of a carpentry project than a stained glass project, but it does demonstrate the process of repairing and cleaning old stained glass and repurposing and adapting them into something different than what it was originally.


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